What Comes After AI? 6 Dangerous Things That Will Happen


Ugly: Future Totalitarian Governments Will Make 1984’s “Big Brother” Look Soft and Free

You have no private thought, no ability or reason to try to lie, and the system provides you with all the stimulus you need to feel maximum happiness. What could be wrong with that?

Well… Happiness is not the only emotion that could be cultivated. What if instead of brands wanting you to love them and be happy, you had a totalitarian government wanting you to fear your fellow citizens, and be ready to kill and die for the state.

The list of paranoid former authoritarian dictators that would have loved to know exactly who is on their side is long.

  • Stalin
  • Hitler
  • Mao
  • Pol Pot

And many more.

Now imagine that their state-run media has the kind of insight and power we talked about above. There would be no freedom. No escape. Total domination of the individual by the state.

How could you even imagine to fight back?

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