What Comes After AI? 6 Dangerous Things That Will Happen

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Ugly: Mixing Designer Drugs, Augmented Reality and Mood Seeking Stimulus will be the Most Addictive Human Experience in History.

What if you had a computer that just wanted you to be happy, like Joi from Bladerunner 2049? (she was digital assistant/girlfriend that was attentive to all the wants and needs of the main character). What if you could feel the beauty and amazement that people felt when the saw Avatar in 3D the first time? What if the Tek from Tekwars was real?

Now imagine that Joi had access not only to the Augmented reality projection from the film, but also could create a fully immersive virtual reality like Tek, and could also mix that with power individually tailored psychoactive drugs, like McAfee.

For the adventurous, you could have sensations never before imagined or expereinced. And the odds are you would never want to come back. The opioid Crisis will look tame in comparison.

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