What Comes After AI? 6 Dangerous Things That Will Happen

Curious corporate businessman skeptically meeting looking at small employee standing on table plate through magnifying glass

Bad: Lying Will Be impossible and so will Private Thoughts

This is a feature of the near future that others have written about. If you combine persistent augmented reality with emotion detection you get always-on lie detection, making lying obsolete. But the big leap doesn’t even require AR. That implies that data needs to be fed to a specific human to be of value.

If this can be accomplished at internet scale, or even just at the security checkpoints for airports and immigration offices, the impact will be enormous.

What private thoughts do you keep shielded today? Do you disagree with the current political party? Are you planning to look for another job? Do you dream of becoming an actor?

How different will it be to be a teenager if you cannot lie to your parents? The impacts to how we interact, and how we expect people to interact with us will be something never before seen in human history.

Again, going back to the greeks, can you imagine what Diogenes would say, if he walked around with his lamp, and could only find honest men, incapable of lying.

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