What Comes After AI? 6 Dangerous Things That Will Happen

Massive production

Bad: Advertisers Will Pay For You To Have Specific Emotions

I mentioned in prior posts that online advertisers have moved from paying “per impression” to paying “per ad click” to paying “per specific actions” such as purchases, registrations or downloads. Each of those eras was represented by a specific advertising platform, DoubleClick, Yahoo, and Google.

Once you can measure emotions related to specific content or brands, you can start charging brands for “shifts in emotions” towards their brands. How many sponsored posts in a feed or mentions in a youtube video about a product will make you feel happy thoughts? make you smile? make you laugh?

How many beyond that will make you think that it is overplayed and no longer cool?

Advertiser will be able to pay to have you feel a specific emotion in connection with their product and brand. And it will happen thousands of times a day.

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