What Comes After AI? 6 Dangerous Things That Will Happen


Good: Maximum Happiness Will Be A Realistic Goal for Governments

Aristotle and Plato argued during ancient times about what was the ultimate good that society should strive for. Aristotle argued that happiness was the ultimate goal in life and that everything else was a means to that end.

In the US Declaration of independence Happiness is also called out as an inalienable right: “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”.

But none of them could measure the actual happiness of society, or how any specific policy choice impacted the happiness of everyone in society.

If we can measure with AE every individual’s specific happiness levels and track the changes to that over time, a government could produce a specific “Happiness” index and use it to drive specific laws and programs. Happiness as a goal is no longer something abstract in the realm of philosophy, but something as real and measurable as inflation or unemployment.

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